Twin Falls is one of my favorite communities because of the natural beauty, easy access to larger cities or remote areas, and the friendliness of its residents. The Magic Valley Young Professionals has been a great group to get involved in because there are so many people in my same situation; younger, transplanted here for their career, and wanting to interact and contribute to the community. I’ve met many of my local friends through the group and look forward to it growing within the next few years. 

I moved to Twin Falls in September 2017 from Upstate New York. It was definitely a big move for me, but everyone I met was so welcoming and I quickly found the Magic Valley Young Professionals which made the transition a lot easier. It’s a great way to meet friends and network. With all of the outdoor recreation, great weather and the updates to downtown Twin Falls, I have really enjoyed my time here and haven’t regretted the move at all.