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The region is growing rapidly with employers looking to hire hundreds of talented workers in a wide range of industries.  Check out the great employment opportunities that fit your expertise and interest.

The College of Southern Idaho offers an extensive range of skills training and education opportunities to advance your career. 

Keep connected with fellow young professionals.

Twin Falls is becoming a popular community for millennials and gen x’ers to live and work.  Here’s what they love about living here.


Twin Falls offers a wide range of ready-to-work talent with a broad range of skills, skills training and education.

Young Professional Testimonials

Madeleine Smith – 25

Twin Falls is one of my favorite communities because of the natural beauty, easy access to larger cities or remote areas, and the friendliness of its residents. The Magic Valley Young Professionals has been a great group to get involved… Read more “Madeleine Smith – 25”

Lucas A. Bellamy – 26

When I was offered the opportunity to relocate to Twin Falls, I had no clue what was here besides potatoes and farm ground (cliché, I know). However, from the moment I visited to find a house, I was hooked. The… Read more “Lucas A. Bellamy – 26”

Jacob Florence – 37

I really like the idea of the community helping to raise your children, because it really does take a village. When my family and I go out to an event, my wife and I can rest assured we’re not the… Read more “Jacob Florence – 37”

Rudy Ashenbrener – 30

The Magic Valley’s strong economy and focus on steady and healthy growth were two major factors in our decision to return home. There are opportunities in every direction, and the local community encourages innovation, imagination and entrepreneurial spirit.