The Silicon Valley of Food



Twin Falls sits in a region with a strong ag base of:  dairy, row crops, seed, aquaculture, lamb, honey and mink production; cheese, yogurt, dry milk and freshwater Rainbow Trout processing; a growing food science/R&D sector; and a full range of complimentary food support services.

Large employers like Chobani, Clif Bar, Glanbia Nutritionals and Amalgamated Sugar have invested billions to expand, create jobs, and take advantage of the region’s massive dairy supply and extensive range of agriculture products.

Chobani has invested $750 million in Twin Falls, creating over 1,000 jobs. A $21 million investment is building Chobani’s Community Innovation Center that will also house their Global Research and Development Center.

Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder, President and CEO, Chobani

And then somebody here (Twin Falls) grows up, goes to high school and college and university or whatever (and says) ‘Why do I have to go to (an)other place?  Twin… Read More “Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder, President and CEO, Chobani”

Manufacturing Community

Twin Falls is the largest community in the southern Idaho region – 1 of 4 regions in the nation – to have been recognized by the U.S. Economic Development Administration with the elite Federal Manufacturing Community designation in the food category.

Dairy is King

  • 13.5% of total milk production in Idaho comes from Twin Falls – producing nearly 2 billion pounds annually.
  • Nearly 300 dairies milking 72% of Idaho’s dairy herd are located here.
  • 80% of Idaho’s dairy processing capacity is represented in this region, producing 11.25 pounds annually.
  • The region is credited with Idaho ranking #3 in the country in dairy production.

Food Processing and R&D

The diversity of Twin Falls’ agricultural base provide abundant opportunities for a growing food science R&D sector.

Amalgamated Sugar is one of the nation’s top sugar producers and parent company of Amalgamated Research also located here.

Betaseed is North America’s leading research and breeding organization devoted entirely to developing and marketing high yielding, multiple disease tolerant sugar beet seed varieties.

Chobani operates the world's largest yogurt facility in Twin Falls and will open the Chobani Global Research and Development Center in 2019.

Clear Springs Center for Global Aquaculture Research and Quality Assurance is the world’s premier R&D center for freshwater Rainbow Trout. The center focuses on optimizing fish production through fish nutrition, fish health management, fish reproduction, brood stock management and environmental science. More than 80 million Rainbow Trout eggs are produced here annually and monitored throughout their life stages.

Glanbia's Cheese Innovation Center takes whey products and applies them in a variety of food products and processes. Glanbia’s office complex and Cheese Innovation Center supports new product innovation efforts.  An onsite bakery allows Glanbia scientists to study how to incorporate superfood ancient seeds and grains into various products.

Glanbia Nutritionals is America’s leading producer of American style cheese with a two most technically advanced facilities in the U.S., solely dedicated to whey processing, producing 18 million pounds of dairy ingredients annually. 

Glanbia Nutritionals Ingredient Technology is a leading international supplier of nutritional and functional dairy-based ingredients including whey proteins and milk minerals.

Monsanto’s Wheat Technology Center in the Twin Falls is dedicated to supporting the development of best-in-class wheat varieties to help farmers increase their productivity.

Rangen’s Aquaculture Division is an international leader in the production of feeds and feed additives for the aquaculture industry for over 60 years.  Rangen produces and markets specialized aquaculture feed for trout, salmon, and shrimp.

R & D Support

Research and Development capabilities in Twin Falls will continue to impact the U.S. and the world thanks to the support of two world class entities:  the Idaho National Lab (INL) - one of the Department of Energy’s 10 multi-program national laboratories - and the University of Idaho (U of I), dedicated to addressing the needs of the state, region and world through knowledge, discovery, and teaching.