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…including Chobani, Clif Bar and Glanbia Nutritionals. Low business costs, low cost of living, year-round outdoor activities and close proximity to Utah, Nevada, Washington and Oregon is a draw to a wide range of industries and talent seeking employment at all skill levels.

Primarily agriculture based and related industries – food production, processing, R&D, transportation, and warehousing/distribution – call Twin Falls home. A strong job market, downtown redevelopment, quality of place and new job creation support continued growth in Twin Falls.

Twin Falls is the thriving hub for southern Idaho and northern Nevada drawing a consumer base of about 250,000 from a nine county region. The most urban of the region’s counties, nearly 48,000 residents enjoy living and working on the edge of the Snake River Canyon with the river flowing almost 500 feet below.

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Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder, President and CEO, Chobani

And then somebody here (Twin Falls) grows up, goes to high school and college and university or whatever (and says) ‘Why do I have to go to (an)other place?  Twin Falls is cool enough.’  There’s enough innovation happening here, there’s… Read more “Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder, President and CEO, Chobani”

Kit Crawford, Co-Owner and Co-Chief Visionary Officer, Clif Bar & Company

From the moment that we first stepped foot in Twin Falls, we felt an immediate connection with the city’s people, natural surroundings and community. Today we’re extending the Clif Bar family to Twin Falls and are thrilled to be joining… Read more “Kit Crawford, Co-Owner and Co-Chief Visionary Officer, Clif Bar & Company”

Gary Erickson, Founder, Clif Bar & Company

We’re excited. We’ve come a long way from a garage to this — starting our own bakery in Twin Falls, Idaho. It’s the people. It’s a wonderful community. Everybody has been super nice to us, seems like everyone works well… Read more “Gary Erickson, Founder, Clif Bar & Company”

Matt Thompson, COO, Jayco

Our executive team considered several western states when searching for the right fit for expansion. We concluded that capitalizing on the benefits offered in Twin Falls out-weighed benefits outside the state of Idaho.

Dr. Eugene Rearick, Director, Chemical Research, ARi

ARi was the research division of Amalgamated Sugar Company as was set up over 50 years ago in Twin Falls due to its central location in the company’s growing and processing area.  Our southern Idaho location is ideal thanks to… Read more “Dr. Eugene Rearick, Director, Chemical Research, ARi”