What is living in Twin Falls like? Residents of Twin enjoy living in a city of about 50,000 people while it still holds the small town feel. Locals thrive with the booming economy in town and have the option to escape into the beautiful outdoors of Idaho! Twin Falls is centrally located in the Magic Valley where you’ll find hikes and points of interests for a life filled with adventure.

Life in Twin Falls

Twin Falls residents have the opportunity to create a life of their own. You can customize your experience here whether that be taking up skiing lessons, starting cooking classes at local restaurants, winning trivia nights, boating every day, or enjoying quiet sunsets at Shoshone Falls. There are endless possibilities when it comes to a fun lifestyle in Twin Falls!

When we say endless, we mean it. There are dozens of hiking trails nearby, a 500+ acre mountain biking park, a bridge to legally BASE jump off, the perfect river to kayak in, and a waterfall taller than Niagara Falls! Twin Falls has some of the most beautiful views, especially with a jaw-dropping 500 foot canyon that spans the city.

The Snake River Canyon is one of those sights you have to see to believe. It is located on the north side of Twin Falls, and has a 7+ mile walking/biking path that runs along the canyon. See waterfalls galore, the Perrine Bridge, a love lock gate, Evel Knievel’s jump site location, and other fun features. This bike path is extremely user friendly being that it is smoothly paved, has rails on bridges, is ADA accessible, many garbage cans, signage, and even water filling stations. The Canyon Rim Trail leads all the way to Shoshone Falls, the “Niagara of the West,” where you can see an incredible force of nature.

The quality of life in Twin Falls is high because of the freedom the locals have to dive into accessible nature only minutes after getting off work. The Snake River Canyon could be as close as next to your work, or as far as a 15 minute drive across town. If you brought your paddle board to work and went straight to the river after shift you would get there with a few hours to spare before sundown. Kayak from Centennial Waterfront Park to Pillar Falls and back as your evening “stroll.”

Communities Within Twin Falls

As with most cities, there are plenty of little communities within. Moving to a new place can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know a soul. Being in Twin Falls helps a ton! People here are kind and open. Locals want to bring you into their communities to connect and share your passions/talents with the world.

One really great group in Twin Falls is the climbing community. Gemstone Climbing is a business downtown that brings people together who love to climb, indoors or out, and help each other become more confident. Once a year there is a boulder festival at Dierkes Lake where they and travelers get together to boulder the incredible lava rock field above Shoshone Falls. Gemstone also has yoga classes and a weights room. Find dance lessons, yoga classes of all sorts, cycling classes, and a variety of gyms all around Twin Falls. Twin Falls’ fitness community is strong.

Another talented group of people is the theater and fine arts community. Downtown Twin Falls is home to a historic theater called The Orpheum. The theatre is wonderful when it comes to meeting new people, getting out of your comfort zone, and providing entertainment to other locals. The Orpheum Theater is located Downtown Twin Falls, which is a whole other community itself. All the amazing entrepreneurs who own businesses downtown come together to support each other! Downtown Twin owners collaborate, and because of it Main Street is busier than ever before. Find art galleries, historic buildings, a food hall, multiple Idaho local boutiques, 3 breweries, and extremely unique stores.

Nightlife in Twin Falls

Koto Brewing hosts trivia nights, live music, dueling pianos, comedians and other fun nights often. 2nd South Market is Idaho’s original food hall and has an amazing gathering place called The Yard where live music happens almost every weekend. People dance, play bean bag toss, and enjoy a variety of food and drink vendors inside the food hall. Also downtown Twin Falls is The Brickhouse where locals dance the night away.

Summer is a wonderful time to be Downtown Twin Falls. Twin Falls Tonight Concert Series happen all summer long where local musicians perform in the Downtown Commons area free of charge. There are vendors set up with food and drink, plus all the local businesses down the street to wander to. There is also a Farmers Market every Saturday where you can see local artists display their creations. Shopping at the Downtown Twin Falls Farmers Market will show you just how diverse and creative the community of Twin Falls really is.

Working in Twin Falls

The unemployment rate is very low in Twin Falls, Idaho. Locals are able to find a job easily, and can truly pick from many to assure it’s a good fit. Living in Twin Falls means that you will have the opportunity to get a great job if desired. Find incredible companies like Chobani, Clif Bar, Jayco, N2 Packaging, Lamb Weston and so many more who take great pride and value their employees. Many companies in Twin Falls give back to their community through donations and events making Twin Falls’ community even stronger.

Find a whole world of opportunities to start your own business. Twin Falls is growing and with that comes a higher demand for unique local businesses. The real estate market is booming, and new businesses are coming to town monthly. Jump in on the fun and start a new chapter of your life, and find out for yourself what living in Twin Falls is like.