1954 was a big year for innovative enclosures. Entrees, sides and desserts found their place in the trays of Swanson TV dinners, passengers shuffled onto the new Boeing 707, and Dr. John C. Lilly developed the world’s first sensory deprivation float tank. Luckily, each of these innovations has come a long way since their debut, with float tanks making a particularly impressive transformation from a wet, nightmarish experiment to today’s highly sought-after retreat.

Sensory Deprivation Pod

Sensory Deprivation Pod at Float Magic in Twin Falls, ID

Beyond Pharmaceuticals

“Flotation therapy allows your mind to let go of all the stimulus it’s used to on a regular basis,” said Shawnee Kyle, owner of Float Magic, a wellness center in Twin Falls, Idaho. “It’s one of the most relaxing, serene experiences you can have outside of the womb.”

To achieve this level of nirvana, float tanks are filled with a 4:1 ratio of Epsom salt to water. With nearly 1,200 pounds of salt in the mix, floaters are suspended with perfect buoyancy, resulting in an anti-gravity effect.

“You lose proprioception and there isn’t any light or sound,” Shawnee explained. “During flotation therapy, you can only hear your heart and your breath. It’s an experience that reconnects you to you.”

For visitors who are hesitant to float in a pod, Float Magic offers alternate floating environments including an open room and an enclosed, cabin-like space. As part of its wholistic wellness approach, Float Magic also offers infrared and steam saunas, zero gravity massage chairs and photobiomodulation therapy using a NovoTHOR bed.

“The bed uses red and near-infrared light waves to penetrate our bodies and help with collagen repair, wound healing, hair growth, wrinkle reduction and general skin issues,” she said. “The deeper-penetrating light accesses the mitochondria of our cells to reduce inflammation and pain, aid in muscle repair, and address neurological issues.”

Stress reduction and cellular rejuvenation are only a portion of the services offered at Float Magic. The wellness center also features massage therapy, counseling, health coaching, chiropractic care and a classroom dedicated to yoga, meditation, art classes and more. A future on-site Zen garden will also offer additional space to host classes, team building events or corporate retreats.

From Steel to Sanctuary

It may come as a surprise to learn that the Float Magic oasis didn’t start as a blank plot of land. The building itself was once a steel warehouse that Shawnee has since transformed.

“The flow of our building is highly customized. From the thick insulation to the curved counters and colored lights – it’s all purposeful,” she said. We are a society known for never taking enough time for ourselves to just relax and have some quiet solitude, and you get that as soon as you walk in our door.”

Complemented by Idaho’s first food hall, 2nd South Market, Shawnee said the facelift Float Magic gives to the corner of Hansen Street and 2nd Avenue South has spurred other businesses to do the same.

“As a city, we’re constantly growing and expanding, and the possibilities of what we’re capable of is extremely exciting to me,” said Shawnee. “There’s an energy in this valley unlike what I’ve felt anywhere else that I’ve lived.”

Find Float Magic at 152 S. Avenue South in Twin Falls or visit www.floatmagicvalley.com to learn more.