Restaurants are required to adhere to the Idaho Food Code when reopening. In addition, guidelines and recommendations are available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Food and Drug Administration to reduce the chance of transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19 when Idaho food establishments open dining areas.

The following plan must be submitted for approval to the local public health district prior to dining area operations resuming after May 16, 2020. Reopening plans do not have to be approved before resuming operation and inspections will not be required. However, restaurants should have their reopening plan available during routine inspections, enforcement inspections, pre-opening inspections, and food illness investigations. Each section includes options to meet the dining area reopening plan in Idaho. By check marking items, you are attesting to planned implementation of these mitigation measures for re-opening dining areas.

If alternative plans have been created, note those plans below, or submit them with this document, to the local public health district for approval.

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Establishment Mailing Address:                                                                                                     

Establishment Site Address:                                                                                                             

EMPLOYEE HEALTH AND HYGIENE (Check All Recommended Measures You Plan to Implement)

  • Will assess symptoms of workers before entering the establishment. If no fever (>100.4°F) or COVID-19 symptoms are present, workers will be allowed to work but should self-monitor for onset of symptoms during their shift.
  • Will provide COVID-19 staff training about when workers should stay home and when they should leave work.
  • Will instruct sick employees to stay home and to follow the CDC’s What to do if you are sick with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).
  • Will contact the local public health district if an employee is diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Will require employees to wear cloth face coverings and gloves during their shifts, with certain exemptions for health or medical reasons.
  • Other measure (specify): _______________________________________________________________________

SOCIAL DISTANCING (Check All Recommended Measures You Plan to Implement)

  • Will limit occupancy to 50% of seating capacity.
  • Will limit tables to groups of 6.
  • Will arrange tables so they are 10 feet apart OR affix closed signs on tables that cannot be moved.
  • Will suspend self-serve food operations (drink machines, salsa bars, sauce dispensers); buffet areas will also remain closed.
  • Other measure (specify):____________________________________________________________________

WAITING AREAS (Check All Recommended Measures You Plan to Implement)

  • Will close the lobby and waiting areas (if applicable).
  • Will use a reservation model or call ahead seating method
  • Will make reasonable attempts to eliminate the use of waiting areas and lobbies.

If the establishment cannot eliminate a waiting area or lobby completely, describe how you will ensure that groups in the waiting area are socially distanced from each other. (attach additional page if needed):



DINING AREAS (Check All Recommended Measures You Plan to Implement)

  • Will keep the bar area closed (if applicable).
  • Will keep the playground area closed (if applicable).
  • Will use a board or sign to display menu items that will not be touched by patrons. Will have an app or website for patrons to view menus on a personal device.
  • Will use disposable menus that will be discarded after each use.
  • Will disinfect menus between each use.
  • Will use a contactless payment and non-signature methods.
  • Will require staff to wash or sanitize their hands before helping the next patron or handling of food after accepting payment.
  • Will require staff to sanitize check holders and pens after use by patrons.
  • Will use the same methods for outdoor seating section, if applicable.
  • Describe other plans below (attach additional page if needed):



 CLEANING AND DISINFECTION (Check All Recommended Measures You Plan to Implement)

  • Will train employees on cleaning and disinfecting procedures, and protective measures, per CDC and FDA guidance.
  • Will have dedicated staff sanitize tables and high contact surfaces (e.g., condiments, salt and pepper shakers, napkin dispensers) between parties.
  • Will frequently clean and disinfect high touch surfaces (e.g., menus, mobile order devices, door handles, floors, bathrooms) during operation.
  • Will not use preset tableware.
  • Will clean and disinfect coolers, to-go containers, and delivery vehicles frequently.
  • Will verify ware-washing machines are operating at the required wash and rinse temperature and with the appropriate detergents and sanitizers at least once daily.
  • Describe other plans below (attach additional page if needed):



Restaurants are welcome to contact their local inspector, or the Twin Falls Office (208-737-5900 or if they have questions.

Plans can be submitted to either the local health inspector or

All this information will be available soon on both and