Signage and Posters

o  Provide signage at designated entrance points to inform people that they should avoid entering the facility if they have a cough or fever, maintain a minimum 6-feet distance from one another, and not shake hands or engage in any unnecessary physical contact.

o  Display posters within the facility promoting proper handwashing and sanitation.

Measures to Keep People at Least 6 Feet Apart

o  Place tape or other markings at least six feet apart in customer line areas inside the store and on sidewalks at public entrances. Post signs directing customers to use the markings to maintain distance.

o  Separate order areas from delivery areas to prevent customers from gathering.

o  Instruct employees to maintain at least six feet distance from customers and from each other. Employees may momentarily come closer when necessary to accept payment, deliver goods or services, or as otherwise necessary.

o Explore establishing flexible worksites (e.g. telecommuting) and flexible work hours (e.g. staggered shifts) to increase the physical distance among employees, and between employees and others.

o Consider having employees wear cloth face coverings, especially if they are unable to maintain social distancing of 6 ft. or greater.

Measures to Prevent Crowds from Gathering

o  Limit the number of customers in the facility at one-time per the phase of the Governor’s Order.

o  Place a per-person limit on goods that are selling too quickly to reduce crowds and lines.

o  Assign an employee at the door to ensure that the maximum number of customers in the facility set forth above is not exceeded.

o  Consider reserving certain hours for senior citizens and other high-risk populations.

Measures to Protect Employee Health

o  Ensure all employees have been told to not come to work if sick.

o  Conduct symptoms checks are being conducted before employees enter the work space.

o  Provide copies of this plan to employees.

o  Designate someone in the workplace to be responsible for addressing COVID-19 issues and questions.

o  If an employee has been in direct contact with anyone who has tested positive or is awaiting test results should follow the recommendation to self-isolate for 14 days.

Measures to Prevent Unnecessary Contact

o  Implement measures that prevent people from self-serving items that are food related.

o  Ask customers to avoid bringing their own bags, mugs, or other reusable items from home.

o  Provide contactless payment systems, or if not feasible, sanitize payment systems regularly.

o  Keep all single-use items such as napkins, plastic ware, and condiments for staff to distribute.

o  Explore having an employee designated to handle payment transactions only and another to handle bags/containers of food.

o  If handling payment transactions in conjunction with bags/containers of food, wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer between customers.

Measures to Improve Sanitation

o  Ensure hand sanitizer, soap and water, or effective disinfectant is available to the public at or near the entrance of the facility, and anywhere else inside the facility or immediately outside where people have direct interactions with others.

o  Disinfect all high contact surfaces frequently, at least every four hours.

o  Disinfect all high-contact portals, pens, and styluses after each use.

o  Assign employees to disinfect carts and baskets regularly.

o  Supply tissues and no-touch waste bins.

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The following Dropbox file is full of graphics, links and other information about COVID-19. It includes social media posts, graphics people can print and hang on their walls, etc. The information is separated into several folders, including one for employers, one for grocery stores and restaurants, and one specifically for guidance documents. We will continue to update the folder as we work on creating more information from the City of Twin Falls.

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