Seastrom Manufacturing Plant Twin Falls Idaho

When Wensil Seastrom struggled to find small appliance parts as a California-based repairman in the 1920s, he quickly realized there was a gap in the manufacturing market that he knew how to fill 

 In 1928, Wensil began hand-stamping washers and developing electric motor components in his garage. As the business grew, he acquired new clients, many in the aerospace industry, and in 1994, Seastrom Manufacturing relocated its expanding business to Twin Falls, Idaho.  

Specialized Washers and Hardware Manufactured by Seastrom in Twin Falls

 Little Metal Parts That Make the World Go Round 

 Seastrom’s family-owned, 100,000-square-foot Twin Falls manufacturing facility is home to the production of precision assembly hardware, with nearly half of its business centered around stamped washers. 

 While some parts find their way into potato processing at companies like J.R. Simplot and Lamb Weston, the tiny washers and fasteners that leave the Twin Falls facility are known to travel far beyond Idaho’s borders. In addition to a handful of custom manufacturing jobs for agriculture and outdoor equipment manufacturers, parts assembled here are primarily used in the military and aerospace industries.  

“We have small component pieces in a lot of the machinery, planes and helicopters that have fought wars around the world,” said Aaron HludzenskiSeastrom’s sales and marketing manager. “We even manufacture some of the parts that are going into shuttle spacecrafts.”  

With roughly a dozen domestic manufacturers competing in the precision assembly hardware arena, Seastrom differentiates themselves by offering domestically-sourced commodity parts backed by certifications that hold them to a strict set of quality and process standards.  

“Our unique certifications give us the ticket to do business with aerospace companies,” said Aaron. “We’re a Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier approved manufacturer. Only four or five companies like us can say that.”  

Specialized clips manufactured by Seastrom for use within military and aeronautical fields

Millions of Pieces, Only One Twin Falls 

Hundreds of millions of parts roll off the line at Seastrom each year, with no sign of slowing down, making Twin Falls a perfect home for this manufacturer.  

“The underlying reason to move to Twin Falls was that if the company was going to expand in the future, we needed room, and Twin Falls allowed us to do that,” said Aaron. “We have about 5-10 acres here to expand into.”  

Seastrom takes pride in working with local businesses throughout the Magic Valley including screen printers, powder coaters and blacksmiths, but they’ve also found success in their relationships with local government entities.  

The owners really like the area and working with the local government is a pleasurable experience,” Aaron said. Companies are often looking for places that make sense for manufacturing, and Twin Falls is that place. It’s a community that’s very accommodating for manufacturing businesses.”  

As Seastrom looks forward to its upcoming centennial, the company is proud to be based in Twin Falls where it’s 80+ employees can find satisfaction in a reliable job, enjoy outdoor opportunities and a create a long-term home in a growing, small-town community.   

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